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Single & double-entry bookkeeping

 We use the Pohoda economic system to process accounting.

We cooperate with our clients on a contract basis, where we agree on mutual obligations (deadlines for deadlines, deadlines, deadlines and deadlines for sending to institutions or clients).

Usually we have agreed monthly payments. We have an item price system - the client does not pay more than for the actual work done and handed over.

We know from practice that accounting is providing once a year, and therefore monthly we charge a reasonable deposit which is settled quarterly according to the services actually rendered. For both simple and double-entry accounting, we use a multi-step control system. The first check takes place when we receive documents from clients, during which we provide the client with advice on the effective preparation of documents and check the formal accuracy and completeness of the documents received. A second check is on the accountant who checks work according to internal procedures.

The outcomes are then checked by the supervisor - the supervisor, who is responsible for checking the completeness and the correctness of the work of the accountant. The last step is the control of the partner, who also communicates with the client about the results and any other solutions.

When forwarding the finished bookkeeping to clients, the documents will be stored and prepared according to our internal standards for future review. In the price of accounting is quarterly consultations that are sufficient to solve problems with our clients. If required, the client can also order more consultation hours.

We represent the clients in front of the offices for communication regarding the preparation of the accounting and the tax audit. We can also produce the main output documents in accounting in both English and German. We are insured against damages caused by an accounting mistake up to € 16,660.