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Establishing companies/ Set up companies

 When providing this service, we will represent you throughout the process of set up and registering your company. Our process is verified and based on an efficient process so that we minimize your time and costs to set up.

The client initially signs a binding order with a full specification, setting the deadline for the registration of the company, the total price and the necessary documents for the set up of the company. 
In the next step, he will sign a power of attorney for representation throughout the company's formation process.

We have to prepare all necessary documents necessary for the set up of the company to ensure their content and formal accuracy and to deliver them after the customer's comments to the competent authority within the required deadlines.

Upon receipt of an extract from the commercial register or other registration documents, it shall be ensured that it is registered with the relevant tax office. Upon completion of the registration, the original of all documents is sent to the client.

In the case of writing changes to business companies, the process is similar.